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Best Indian Restaurant & Takeaway in Halstead, Sevenoaks

Once upon a time in Mumbai…..there was only fish curry, occasionally with some vegetables thrown in, eaten with boiled rice. It was fishing community food – simple, basic, and satisfying - Soul food. And then it became complicated!

With dreams of gold, wealth and power, people poured into the city, and they brought their food along with them. And soon the ‘Dhansaks’ were living next to the ‘Dhoklas’ who were living next to the ‘Tikka’s’ who were living next to the ‘Parathas’ who were living next to the ‘Biryanis’ who were living next to the ‘Manchurians’ who were living next to the original settlers, the Fish Curries.

Welcome to Mumbai, the true culinary melting pot of the east. In Mumbai, what you don’t speak is what you eat.

The test of a true culinary culture is one where you can taste the variations of cuisines within cuisines. And that’s where Mumbai scores over a lot of cities in the world. The sheer range of cuisines available makes it a glutton’s delight. Mumbai Central, inspired by the above events and the vibrant city of Mumbai, presents you an ambience, warmth of Indian hospitality and dining experience in a truly ‘Mumbai’ style.

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Time: 12 pm - 3 pm
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